Food Pantry in DuPage county, Illinois

Order Food Through Illinois’ Most Trusted Online Food Pantry. We serve the Dupage County area with our Westmont and Wheaton food pantry locations.

How Do I Qualify For Free Food In The Chicagoland Area

Ready to find free groceries for your family in DuPage County? Check out these food pantry locations in Westmont and Wheaton, IL to find free and healthy food. 
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Westmont People's Resource Center

104 Chestnut Ave

Westmont, IL 60559


Located in the People’s Resource Center parking lot. Look for My Pantry Express Signs.

pickup times

Mondays: 1 P.M. – 2 P.M.

Wheaton People's Resource Center

201 S Naperville Rd

Wheaton, IL 60187


Located in the People’s Resource Center parking lot. Look for My Pantry Express Signs.

pickup times

Thursdays: 4 P.M. – 5 P.M.


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Food orders must be submitted online by 8 am three (3) business days before the pick-up/delivery date at the selected location.

About Dupage County, Illinois

Filled with friendly people and safe towns, DuPage County is estimated to have a total population of 932, 877 people with a median household income of $96,403 by The U.S. Census Bureau. The same source approximates that there are 364,970 total housing units and 34,049 total employer establishments. This region does a lot to look out for its residents. If you’re in need of support, find out below how to get free food for yourself, veterans, and others in DuPage County through a convenient online food pantry.

What’s A Food Pantry?

Although you’ll hear them used synonymously, local food pantries and food banks are anything but. Northern Illinois Food Bank and others like it collect food from consumer and corporate food drives as well as industry partners. This gets stockpiled, organized, and distributed across food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and related communal organizations. This is done to alleviate food insecurity so people of all socioeconomic backgrounds can live a higher quality of life. Moreover, food pantries can also give out clothing, baby products, toiletries, and other items. So while a DuPage County food pantry directly gives food and other supplies to residents—via walk-in, drive-thru, or mobile ordering—it gets its food reserve from a food bank. Either way—both are great resources for keeping the neighborhood fed.

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What's My Pantry Express

So your grocery shopping experience is as stress-free as can be, Northern Illinois Food Bank sponsors an online food pantry called My Pantry Express. Rather than worry about how to get free food or an inexpensive meal, My Pantry Express conveniently offers all sorts of free healthful food for veterans, families, single parents, college students, and more. No one is turned away because you don’t have to present any qualifications to shop here. The only information collected while ordering is your name, phone number, email, and zip code. And you don’t even have to share this to register. However, we recommend that you do so subsequent ordering is quick and easy. If you want to receive your groceries on a specific pick-up day, submit your order at least three days prior to 8 AM on that date. You get around 35 items to browse during your shopping session. This can include dairy products, frozen meats, and fresh produce. Our website will even tell you how much you can order for each item. Once you arrive by car at the pick-up location, you’ll receive your groceries bagged and ready to go.