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Empower Boone

Pick-up Thursdays: 3 PM to 4 PM

200 S 5th St.
Capron, IL 62012
Notes: Park in front of the building and look for My Pantry Express signs.

How to Order From My Pantry Express

You can accomplish your grocery shopping at our online food pantry in just minutes. First, find your nearest pick-up site in Boone County. Then, choose your free groceries online. Remember to submit your order at least three days before 8 AM of the pick-up date. Finally, conveniently drive to the pick-up location and grab your groceries. All you need to bring to receive them is your order confirmation number. This will appear on your screen after your order submission. It can be found in your order confirmation email right before the listed item details in Boone County.


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About Boone County, IL

Estimated to have a population of 54,544 by the U.S. Census Bureau, Boone County was named after American pioneer and frontiersman Daniel Boone. Since its founding in 1837, Boone County has grown to hold a median household income of 69,272 dollars, 20,060 housing units, and 4,574 business firms. This area is brimming with all kinds of opportunities for its residents, including the establishment of local, highly accessible Boone County food pantries.

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What’s a Food Pantry?

Although used similarly, a food bank and food pantry aren’t the same. A food bank, like Northern Illinois Food Bank, collects food from food drives and other industry members. From there, the food bank catalogs, stores, and distributes it to different organizations around their community. This includes homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and food pantries. For these places, acquiring durable, nutritious, and low-cost food is essential to helping their neighborhood stay fed and build a better quality of life.
Food banks and individual donors supply food pantries, while food pantries directly deliver food to consumers within their geographic area. This happens a few different ways: you may find a walk-in, drive-thru, or mobile Boone County food pantry.
In addition to healthy free food giveaways, food pantries have also been known to provide health screenings, school supplies, toiletries, and more. Either way—both types of food assistance organizations are committed to keeping families full.

What's My Pantry Express

#1 Trusted Food Pantry Alternative in Boone County

To make it even easier on Boone County residents, Northern Illinois Food Bank sponsors My Pantry Express: an online food pantry. This means the community can shop for nutritious groceries at no cost without spending hours in a store. They take it a step further, too. If pressed for time, you can order food without registering. And you don’t have to meet any qualifications to be eligible either. The only information collected when you shop is your name, phone number, email, and zip code.
You can place an order on My Pantry Express at Boone County locations weekly—but it must be at least three days before 8 AM of the pick-up date. There’ll be approximately 35 items to choose from, which could include dairy, frozen meats, and fresh produce. Item capacities are viewable while shopping. When you drive in for pick-up, your groceries will already be bagged and waiting for you.

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