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Save time to spend with those that matter most. Save money to lessen moments of stress. From fresh produce to protein, canned soup to basic staples, stock your pantry for every meal. My Pantry Express offers groceries to energize you with the convenience of 100% free online ordering. My Pantry Express is sponsored by Northern Illinois Food Bank. No registration or qualifications necessary. Choose the food you want, when you want it.

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We're committed to keeping our neighbors safe through no-contact pick-up.

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Get grocery shopping done in minutes online.


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Submit order three days before the pick-up date by 8 AM.


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Groceries may not be sold or used in exchange for other property/services.

FAQs From Our Neighbors

My Pantry Express is accessible anytime and anywhere you have internet connectivity. Our site is both desktop and mobile device-friendly.

You can order weekly through My Pantry Express. However, there’s a limit for the number of orders we can fulfill. We encourage you to check back to submit a new order at a later date.

Please bring your order confirmation number.  This can be found in your order confirmation email right before the item details of your order. It will also be on the page that appears after your order submission.

You do not need to bring shopping bags for your groceries; they’ll come in bags.

No—the shopping list may not always be the same. There’ll be approximately 35 items to choose from. As part of Northern Illinois Food Bank, we work to provide staples such as dairy, frozen meats, and fresh produce each week.

At this time, we collect your name, phone number, email, and zip code.  We never sell any information that we collect. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

We may ask you to participate in an optional survey or focus group for program evaluation.

Shop for Groceries on My Pantry Express

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